Fresh Update 0.4.0 – Graceful Algorithms

This update is important because we transferred the asset to the 2018 version of Unity, which allowed us to use all the advantages of the most current version of .NET. Now we use the implementation of a non-blocking dictionary from the System.Collections.Concurrent namespace, i.e. built-in realization, which is much faster than any what we used earlier. This has greatly accelerated the processing of obstacles. Now, since Unity uses a different, more aggressive compiler, multithreaded codes have become much more efficient. Thanks to all of the above, the work of the asset has improved significantly. The behavior of the pursuers has become faster and smoother. We also corrected some minor errors. The following are the features of this update.

• Asset was transferred to 2018 version of Unity. (2018.3.0)
• Now the spatial graph storage is based on C#-built in ConcurentDictionary, that much faster, than version, that we used before.
• Asset work, in general, has become faster and smoother. This was made possible thanks to some improvements in the use of multithreading.
• Fixed a bug in the work of the obstacles handler, which led to incorrect results in some situations.

…for more info and demo’s read Pathfinder3d Asset Page