PathFinder 3D – Graceful Algorithms

PathFinder 3D

Release Date March 02, 2019 Current Version ver. 0.4.1

PDF-documentation is available here:

About PathFinder3D.pdf
User’s manual.pdf [EN]
User’s manual.pdf [RU]

New Demo version is availible to test! (updated march 31)
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PathFinder 3D – is a flexible and powerful tool for path finding in three dimensional space!
This asset is perfect for finding a way in space from one point to another.
Buying this Asset, you get at your disposal the following features:
– Possibility to find the route in space on scenes of any size and complexity
– High speed of the search
– Possibilities to optimize and smooth the found trajectory
– Built-in tool for moving along the found path
– Built-in tool for pursuing moving targets
– Possibility of choosing between speed and optimization of the search
– Multithreading-based algorithms
– Event system, based on UnityEngine.SendMessage
– Serializing/deserializing of spatial graph
– Multiple spatial graph levels
We also have extensive plans for the future:
– Handeling of the dynamic obstacles
– Agent’s local avoidance
Complete with the asset you will find:
– Well-organized code
– Comprehensive comments
– Comprehensive documentation
– A comprehensive user guide
– Intuitive examples
– Additional features that make it more efficient to interact with this program suite