We’re back in town! – Graceful Algorithms

Hi there! For almost half a year there was no news from us. All this time we were looking for inspiration, and in the middle of the winter we finally stirred and started to coming to life. And we managed to do something good (as it seems to us).

We are glad to present you an update for PathFinder 3D ver. 0.2 !

(coming this month!)

And… Long live multithreading! All the most time-consuming computations will now be executed in side threads (not in main thread) and will not steal your frame rate 🙂 This, perhaps, is the most important innovation of version 0.2.

Here is a comparison of the frame rate when performing the same task using versions 0.1 and 0.2:

We're back in town!

The general order of algorithm execution has been changed. Now, to find the path on the scene, you must first process all the obstacles. All obstacles are processed automatically when the scene starts. It is worth adding that this process is very fast and will not cause any troubles for you. Previously (in v0.1), the path was processed simultaneously with the search.

  • All algorithms were accelerated and optimized.
  • An event system was implemented (using gameObject.SendMessage ()). Now the management of the persecutors has become much more convenient.
  • Added the ability to pursue moving targets. (the recalculation of the path to the target occurs without stopping the pursuer). We implemented a special function, the call of which makes this possible.
  • The result of the update was a significant acceleration of pathfinding and performance improvement, as well as the ability to simultaneously search for a path with more pursuers without compromising performance. Now PathFinder 3D can be applied in much more serious tasks.